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In late 2012 I suffered from a major injury. My lifestyle at the time was busy, stressed, and lacking self discipline. Going against what I knew, I neglected to stretch regularly in conjunction with my intense training routine. I made up excuses that I was too busy, that I could use that time to do more important things. This and a combination of bad habits and posture resulted in a bulging disc in the lower lumbar vertebrae in my back.

I had no idea what I had done at first…it took about 2 months of icing and hoping the pain would stop before I finally got in to get an MRI. After the news confirming my injury, I embarked on a rigorous routine of physical therapy including stretching, strengthening my lower back, and rest as a last ditch effort to avoid surgery. It was too little too late. Going to school full time and working full time made it impossible to reverse the damage that had already taken place.

The disc ruptured, sending fluid into my spinal canal and compressing my sciatic nerve. The compressed nerve sent burning, tingling, excruciating pain signals down the length of my butt and right leg. I could not escape it either: because of the nature of the injury I was in pain whether I was walking or lying down in bed.

My days became a fight to function. I could no longer either walk to my classes or sit through them, and work was torture. Every goal I had attained in the gym began to melt away before my eyes; I lost 20 lbs of muscle over a 6 month span. It seemed as if my life had come to a screeching halt. After 2 more months of debilitating, torturous pain I agreed to surgery. I was extremely fortunate and blessed to have an excellent doctor and the health benefits to cover the procedure, and it went well.

Since my surgery I have become certified through ACE as a personal trainer and Health Coach, have completed 3 Tough Mudder Races, 3 10K runs, competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions and hiked 10 fourteen thousand foot peaks. I’ve been a fitness nut my whole life, but this event has instilled in me a passion to not only achieve my goals and not take them my health for granted, but help others do so as well. If we work together you will not only gain a friend and a partner in your fitness journey, but actually make concrete steps towards your goals and experience lasting change.


E-mail: Meadowsfit@gmail.com
Phone: 303-547-4332